I have arrived.

I never imagined I would be here. I have started more blogs than I can count, but none of them have ever revolved around the joy that is food.

I transitioned rather abruptly to a plant-based diet almost 8 weeks ago. Like many, I have been internally struggling quite a bit since January. For the first time in my life, my eyes really opened to the privilege I’ve had. Also for the first time in my life, I was beginning to feel how empowering being a woman can be.

I took many steps towards learning how to use my voice and take action, but something still felt off. I wasn’t doing enough to help others, to help the planet. But with a toddler at home and limited resources I wasn’t really sure what I could do. That is, until I looked into the benefits of plant-based living (or that scary vegan word). That was when I made the switch. I wanted to be an activist, but how could I truly be an activist while contributing to the destruction of the lives of animals, the planet, and my own body? I know this is pretty extreme, but I can be a little extreme. Go big or go home, amiright?

In my 8 short weeks of veganism, I have submerged myself in the chaos that is Facebook groups. While I wasn’t [read: am still not] ballsy enough to post things that I’ve made in large groups, I am part of a small group started by a friend.

“Hey, Sierra, what does any of this have to do why you’re starting a food blog…?”

In a nutshell, because I ramble when I write.

Every time I went to post something in the group, I would write, and write, and write… Then I would have to sit there and try to delete all the parts that really weren’t relevant (which, lets be real, no one needs to know that I used to make the non-vegan version of this recipe when I was pregnant because of x, y, and z). Short and to the point is not something I am.

When I was typing out my 3 thousand word explanation of my most recent kitchen endeavor I had a very clear “ah-ha!” moment. Who else types endlessly while writing about food? Food bloggers. While the path to the recipe might be long, it is also clearly lit.

And this is my attempt to explain with as few words as possible why I’m starting this blog.

Some things to consider before deciding to follow along:

  • I detest measuring. I only measure things I deem absolutely necessary, and realistically, if these are things I use often enough I will likely develop a good enough sense and no longer need to measure.
  • There’s a good chance this won’t be a very aesthetically pleasing blog. My camera is my trusty iPhone 7 and my boyfriend hates that the counter tops are tile. I don’t have much fancy equipment, or really even that much skill.
  • I don’t always think the importance of looks are practical. If they taste good, great! If they’re ugly, it’s okay. My purpose isn’t to be visually attractive to others – so why would I put that kind of pressure on my food?
  • I take a lot of short cuts. Probably way too many. But at least I can find out which short cuts are doable, and let you know!
  • I can’t promise that I’ll be updating this on a consistent basis. I’m a full-time student with an almost-2-year-old. I can’t even promise that this won’t fizzle out in a few months as the summer sun appears.
  • I might post about things that aren’t food.


Now, here’s a stock picture of the sunset. Maybe I’ll manage to get a recipe up this weekend.